Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I get the GiniT App? 

GiniT for iPhone : Log into "App Store" and search for GiniT. 

GiniT for Android : Log into "Google Play" and search for GiniT.

What if I can´t find a specific gin?

Then it´s probably on it´s way. We have started up with focus on Danish gins, then all Nordic gins ending up with all gins in the world. Don´t worry, we will be there very soon.

Can I create my own recipe?

Yes, and that´s one of the points worth mention in our GiniT App. You can create you own recipe, and then use it in the future if you want to share this amazing GT with your friends and family.

I can only have 5 gin in my cabinet?

That´s because  you have the free version of the GiniT App. Choose to upgrade you GiniT App and get all the benefits of choosing that version (Premium).

*) All free to use for 2022

What is a Badge?

The "Badge" you get depends on how active you are on creating recipes, sharing ect.

How do I use my mobile camera for Gin scan?

Simply use the camera icon in the bottom of the App screen, take a picture of the label, and if the gin is in our database, this specific gin will appear in the GiniT App. It’s important to focus on the label. 

How do I go "Premium"?

Remember : It´s free to use in 2022. When we go "online" with Premium start 2023, there will be an option for this.

Can´t find a specific gin?

There could be many reasons for this. We reach out to distillerys every day, some find our app very interesting, some don´t, and some just don´t reply to our request.

How do I get a picture to my recipe?

Use your camera, take a picture and use it for your recipe. You can also choose to use an image that you already have in your photo archive on your mobile phone.

How do I follow other GiniT users?

First you need to give permission to this in your profile setup. Once you have given permission to do so, simply tap on profile that you want to follow, and then tap the "Follow" icon.

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