Key Features

Some of the features worth mention...


Create your own recipe and search for recipe that match your gin.


Follow other users and their recipes, making it easy for you to vary your drinks.


As a "premium" user, you have the option of having all the gin you want in your cabinet.


We work daily to fill the app with gin from all over the world.


Distilleries are able to create there gin online for each gin they have for free.

Mobile Scan

Use your mobile camera for searching - take a picture of the label and find. *

Pictures in app

All gin pictures are approved by distilleries and private label owners before published in our app according to law of copyright.


Developed together with over 100 future users of our app based upon a large survey we have made.


We will of course continuously update the GiniT app with new functionalities on it´s way.

*) If the "scanner" can´t find the gin, then it´s because the distillery has not provided us with a label that can be used.

Want to help......

If you can´t find a gin, then please be a part and share some information with us.....