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Try GiniT ​and be inspired. The gin app where you are able to upload pictures to your recipes, follow other users and let them follow you.

- By the way, it is the gin app with the most detailed search options the market has to offer.

It´s all about gin, tonic and recipes -Everything you need to know!

We want to make it easy for you to find and get inspired by specific recipes. The recipes are rated so you can choose the best among several and each recipe show precisely which tonic, ratio and what to garnish with. If you have a gin or want to buy a gin, GiniT helps you to find the best way to serve. Also you can easily add and share your own recipes to inspiration for all who loves G&T and gin cocktails.
It has never been easier to find the best way to serve!
• Find inspiration to G&T and cocktail recipes. 
• Add your own recipes.
• See a list with all your own recipes. 
• Add the best to your favorite list. 
• Follow others and see a notification when they have added new ones. 
• Rate the recipes.

Gin details for more information

We give you an overview of specific information about each gin. And most important you can find the number of botanicals and the key ones used in each gin. We think this is good and inspiration information to understand what you are drinking and how to serve. 

• See the number of botanicals and the key botanicals. 
• Where does the gin comes from – distillery and country.  
• What is the gin type and is it organic or not. 
• The ABV of course.  
• And especially read about the gin and the distillery.

The complete gin app

GiniT have it all, and some more to it. This is the first gin app on the market with such a search function, the first gin app where users can follow each other and also be followed like a social gin app. GiniT will also come with exciting new upgrades that the market has not yet seen.

GiniT is also an option for distillerys to create awareness about there distillery and most important there gin. We have created a platform for this awareness, so it´s up to those distillerys to make sure that our users will find them.

We are happy to invite you into our world, we have made it easy for both distillery and users - and yes, we don´t have all gin in the world, but the gin have a picture and a usefull text to it. This gives you the perfect experience of quality!

Key features

Some of the features worth mention...


Create your own recipe and search for recipe that match your gin.


Follow other users and their recipes, making it easy for you to vary your drinks.


As a "premium" user, you have the option of having all the gin you want in your cabinet.


We work daily to fill the app with gin from all over the world.


Distilleries are able to create there gin online for each gin they have for free.

Mobile Scan

Use your mobile camera for searching - take a picture of the label and find. *

Pictures in app

GiniT don´t use avatar as a replacement for bottles pictures, just for having a gin in our app - we work with quality, not quantity.


Developed together with over 100 future users of our app based upon a large survey we have made.


We will of course continuously update the GiniT app with new functionalities on it´s way.

*) If the "scanner" can´t find the gin, then it´s because the distillery has not provided us with a label that can be used.

The idea for GiniT arose from a chance meeting on a gin forum between some like-minded people. They are passionate about gin and tonic. The talk on the forum often fell on gin applications the market had to offer and their limitations.

They wanted something else…

The goal was an app that could do more, offer more, and meet most users' needs. This started the idea behind GiniT as you see it today. Many hours were spent finding app developers, creating prototypes, meetings with developers, preparing business plans, and meetings with financiers. All this in order to create what we would like to think, is the best gin application the market has seen so far, not only for users but also for ​distilleries and private labels.

Our story

GiniT was developed together with future users of our app based upon a large survey we did in 2021, this is not just an idea we got overnight, it is actually a gin app developed by users - It is not an app invented by a small close circle of owners with an idea based on data from a webpage. 

We have many other ideas in pipeline for you, they will be implemented over time - and remember, we do listen ​and we are very grateful for all the input that you still gives us.

We see ourselves as a company that develops and maintains the world's best gin application for many obvious reasons. We are proud of the journey we have been through to be able to get to where we are today. Please enjoy that wonderful journey for yourself, and for the sake of all gin enthusiasts around the world.

It is important for us to say that GiniT is neither a distillery nor has any plans to produce or be involved in this process. We stay in our core business which is developing and maintaining a gin app for all who love gin around the world - that´s easy for everybody to understand, and it does not create any interest or conflict ​with our users or customers!

We continue to expand in EME​A, APAC and LATAM every day

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